The nation’s senior minds from the government, business, and diplomatic sectors will again gather in at the 5th Annual Global Alumni Convention (GAC) in Phnom Penh October 2019.

After the success of the inaugural GAC in 2015, the 2nd GAC in 2016 was supported by more institutions, sponsors and speakers hosting 500 delegates of 20 nationalities graduating from 22 countries and heard from 70 high profile speakers who are leaders in their profession.

The 3rd and 4th GAC brought over 2,500 attendees each year including alumni from 24 countries and heard from 76 high profile speakers who are leaders in their profession.

Since its establishment, the GAC has gained support from ministries, embassies, recruitment agencies, alumni associations, business chambers, private companies, organizations, media and venue partners. The 5th GAC anticipates over 3,000 attendees, continuing to reach a wider audience each year.

Mao Sreng
GAC Convenor &
Country Director, IDP Education & ACE

What People Say About GAC
HE Mr Prak Sokhonn
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
I am pleased to congratulate the GAC for its initiative to bring together people from diverse educational backgrounds to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences.
HE Mr Chea Sophara
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
What makes pearls valuable is the string. I am impressed that the GAC was initiated not only in term of generating a platform for networking opportunities, but inspiring young Cambodian scholars around the world to return home and together maintain peace, sovereignty, and culture.
HE Mr Sun Chanthol
Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport
I’m very pleased that IDP took the initiative to organise an event where all the alumni can get together and network and share best practices to improve either the company, the personnel, or the country itself so it is important.
HE Dr Hang Chuon Naron
Minister of Education, Youth and Sport
The Global Alumni Convention is a unique event which brings alumni, the government and industry together to discuss hot topics, network and share experiences. This event is an important symbol of the growth in Cambodia’s human resources and I encourage all alumni, and industry leaders to take advantage of this opportunity.
HE Dr Hun Manet
Lieutenant General
Royal Cambodian Armed Force
The GAC encourages a symbiotic relationship between government, industry and education. Establishing networks and partnerships across these three sectors is essential for Cambodia to effectively build, motivate and retain its human resources. I am very pleased to be participating in such a future-focused initiative.
HE Ms Angela Corcoran
Australian Ambassador to Cambodia
We are so pleased many Cambodian graduates continue to maintain their connections with Australia through the Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia. I encourage all alumni to take this opportunity to connect with peers and colleagues who have graduated from countries around the world, to exchange ideas and to build networks.
HE Mr Ben King
New Zealand Ambassador to Cambodia (2015-2017)
This event offers an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other young people who have studied abroad, in a variety of different countries. You will have a unique opportunity to develop networks and to exchange ideas with people who have studied similar qualifications in different educational settings, permitting an enriched exchange of views and perspectives.
HE Mr Bill Longhurst
British Ambassador to Cambodia (2014-2018)
I am very happy that a community such as the GAC, where intellectual indulgence can happen, is going from strength to strength, and take pride in the fact that British Alumni organisations are significant contributors on both intellectual and social levels. Their keenness in working together with others to drive forward the development of Cambodia represents the best hope for the country.
HE Mr George Edgar
Ambassador of the European Union to Cambodia (2015-2019)
The GAC is a great opportunity for members of different alumni associations to come together to share experience and information and develop a network with alumni from other corners of the globe.
HE Mr Hidehisa Horinouchi
Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia (2016-2019)
The Global Alumni Convention provides a great opportunity for Cambodian alumni, who are active in their various fields and are utilizing their experience around the world, to share their knowledge and skills with each other. In addition, the discussion that take place at the convention often reflect global points of view and bring many new ideas to Cambodia.
Mr Bretton G. Sciaroni
Chairman, International Business Chamber, Cambodia
I have been involved in this event previously and seen the impact that a better educated workforce can have on the Cambodian business community. The global focus complements IBC’s own work bringing together foreign business delegations, investors and government officials to help promote trade and investment.
Mr Allen Dodgson Tan
Chairman, American Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia
The Global Alumni Convention offers a great opportunity for all of us to get to get together and discuss some of the important and emerging issues in the industry for youth, employers and society as a whole. It is a chance to come together and discuss interesting topics. The highlight has been the panel and sharing the stage with them and hear their ideas.
Mr Stephen Higgins
Vice President, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia (2012-2017)
The Global Alumni Convention offers a unique and innovative platform for AusCham members and associates to connect with graduates from Australian universities; forging connections, networks and new opportunities.
Mr Arnaud Darc
Chairman, EuroCham, Cambodia
The Global Alumni Convention is a wonderful initiative for alumni from all around the world to come together and share knowledge and ideas under one roof. It provides a unique chance for Cambodia’s business leaders to expand their network and learn from their peers from different countries.
HE Dr Meng Bunnarith
Vice President, United States Alumni Association of Cambodia
The US-AAC appreciates the opportunity to be a GAC partner. The organisation is a unique platform for intellectuals, entrepreneurs and leaders from government and the business sector to meet, network and form new friendships and partnerships.
Mr Grant Knuckey
Former CEO, ANZ Royal Bank
Education is a central pillar of the bank’s corporate social responsibility. Alumni play a significant role as staff in bringing an essential global perspective to the bank’s services to its clients.
Dr Vuthy Monyrath
President, Japan Alumni of Cambodia
I’m very pleased that IDP took the initiative to organise an event where all the alumni can get together and network and share best practices to improve either the company, the personnel, or the country itself so it is important.
Mr Prak Phanara
President, China Alumni of Cambodia
The GAC is a good platform for all of us; its activities are beneficial not only to individuals but also to the social development of Cambodia.
Mr Kok Leong Yap
Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Axiata January 2015
We believe 50 percent of success depends on the people you hire. We get the good, talented people who have a broad overview and have been exposed to advanced technology - that will help the growth of the company.
Ms Chandina Chap
Public Relations Manager, ABA Bank
The Global Alumni Convention gives companies and large corporations like ABA opportunities to meet and interact with potential employees who could contribute tremendously to the nation’s development.
Mr Tassilo Brinzer
CEO, Globe Media Group
The annual GAC is a great way to meet likeminded people and explore the opportunities that this outstanding network creates.
Mr Khy Kosal
President, British Alumni Association of Cambodia
It is a very impressive networking event for me and the BAAC to be a part of and I am delighted to join this gathering. The GAC is a great opportunity to share what I have achieved and to learn of the achievements of others and it is an important platform to build good connections from around the globe.
HE Ms Chea Serey
Director General, National Bank of Cambodia
This is a very good opportunity for students from overseas to network with another students. This is a very big gathering of brains and very interesting also from us in government to actually see the pool of Cambodia intellectuals.
Mr Pascal Ly
CEO, CBC, GAC-2016 Business and Education Reception Sponsor
Nowadays, as we are living in a global and connected world, it is good to be able to get back in touch with real people in real life. GAC is a great platform where everyone can learn from others, and where we can all grow together with a bright future for Cambodia.
Mr Simon Griffiths
Associate Director, CBRE Cambodia January 2015
The best thing one can ever do is believe in continual learning and development of oneself and the others around you. To this extent we never stop learning and should not stop sharing those experiences with those around us.
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